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ABCs of Drug Testing to Detect Marijuana

If you want to know all the aspects of the marijuana drug testing procedure, here are the ABCs of the same. Have a look at them below.

A – Adulterant: Usually, an adulterant is a substance that alters to the urine when it is added to it to get a false negative result. The common adulterants include Visine, bleach, glutaraldehyde and several other chemical oxidants including nitrates.

B – Blood Testing: Unlike urinalysis, blood tests can detect traces of illicit drugs, but not inactive drug metabolites. The chronic smokers can be detected with the traces of the drugs in 12 to 24 hours.

C – Creatinine: This is a byproduct of the muscle metabolism in the urine. The creatinine level is one of the benchmarks with the other including specific gravity, color, and pH.

D – Diuretic: Diuretic is a substance that boosts the urine output. Cranberry juice, caffeine and herbal teas in the market are diuretics. Even water is effective in flushing out the toxins among marijuana smokers, but it is not a diuretic.

E – EMIT: EMIT stands for enzyme multiplied immunoassay technique. This is the cheapest as well as the most common drug screen that is used in workplaces.

F – False Positive: These are instances when the metabolite of a prescribed drug or any other substance is tested positive for the metabolite of a drug that is illicit. As the metabolite of marijuana is unique, the occurrences of false positives are pretty rare.

G – GCMs: GCMs stands for gas chromatography/mass spectrometry. In simple words, it is nothing but a confirmation test. Usually, the EMIT test is confirmed by the GCMs as it eradicates the chances of false positive results.

H – Hair Follicle Test: This test detects the traces of drug metabolites that are diffused from the blood stream passively on the hair follicle’s base.

I – Iodine: This is a popular adulterant used by those who are forced to undergo urinalysis in a short time.

J – Junk Science: There is not much scientific evidence to show the efficacy of the drug testing practices at workplaces.
K – Klear: Klear was one among the most popular as well as a successful adulterant in the market. Klear was revealed to be none other than potassium nitrate. This is used to get a positive result for nitrates by the drug testers.

L – Lasix: This is a strong diuretic that is given on prescription. It is used in workplace drug tests by the subjects.

M – Metabolite: Metabolites of the drugs are compounds that are produced from chemical alterations of a psychoactive matter. It is the main indicator that tips drug use in hair testing and urinalysis.

N – Nanogram: This one billionth of a gram. Even such minute quantities of the drug metabolites or residual levels are found in urine, blood or saliva.

P – Papain: It is an enzyme found in papaya fruit that is gaining popularity lately among drug testers.

Q – Quest Diagnostics: It is one of the largest companies involved in drug testing. It performs over eight million test son a yearly basis.

R – Reagan, Ronald: The 40th U.S. President Ronald Reagan is responsible for the workplace drug testing programs.

S – Saliva Testing: Like blood testing, saliva testing find the presence of parent drugs and not the inactive metabolites.

T – THC-COOH: This is not a psychoactive. It is a primary metabolite of marijuana that is screened in the workplace drug testing practice.

U – Urinalysis: Of the overall drug tests done in a year, almost 90 percent are urine tests. But, this process cannot find the presence of illicit drugs such as marijuana.

V – von Rabb: In the year 1989, the United Stated Supreme Court ruled the same and National Treasury Employee’s Union von Rabb that tests the employees without any violations.

W – Water: Drinking huge quantities of water before undergoing a urine test is the cheapest and easiest way to wash way the drug traces out of the system.

X – Unknown: Usually, positive urine tests results are conceded as there is no indication of recency, impairment and frequency of drug use.

Y – Yellow: Diluted urine samples do not possess the yellow color. Vitamin B can help restore the urine to the natural color.

Z – Zinc: Zinc sulfate is expected to bond with the THC metabolites making them too large to filter via the kidneys. However, it is used to yield mixed results to bypass the urine test.

Washout Before a Marijuana Drug Test

It is a legal challenge, and so you need to defend yourself against urine testing. This is difficult as different urine tests find marijuana within one to five days of the drug’s occasional use. This blog details on the procedure of washing out or cleansing your system before you undergo a marijuana drug test. Generally, you should drink a lot of fluids to increase your urine flow in order to dilute the drugs’ concentration in the urine sample well below the threshold needed for detection.

You should drink fluids to fill your bladder for an hour or two prior to the test. Water is also fine, but there is a rumor that there is no evidence that vinegar, goldenseal, vitamin C or niacin will help. High dosage of aspirin is claimed to reduce the EMIT urine test’s sensitivity. Many people drink a lot of fluids and exercise days in advance of the test to pass the test. Keep in mind that you should not give the first urine that you pass in the morning as drug metabolites build during the sleep.

Your fluid output can be increased using diuretics that stimulate urination. Cranberry juice, coffee, and some health food stuff are weak diuretics. In case of a short duration, you can try more potent diuretics prescribed to cure high blood pressure. Strong ones including furosemide or Lasix are also available on prescription, and these can be dangerous to those who suffer from diabetes and also for pregnant women. The athletes are checked for diuretics but on a rare basis.

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